The Republic Public Prosecutor stated that the operation Grom (eng. Thunder) had been carried out according to the rules of the prosecutorial investigation through the implementation of the new provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code which enable more efficient proceedings.

The new CPC provides the tools for efficient and faster proceedings, especially when it comes to the investigation and the pre-investigative proceedings. Since fewer participants are involved in the job, it is faster to complete it, Dolovac said at the press conference held at the Government of Serbia.

According to her words, it is too soon to judge how successful the implementation of the new provisions of the CPC regarding the prosecutorial investigation is, but, with joint effort of all of the competent authorities, we will be able to qualify it as successful.

With regard to the general assessment of the success in implementing the provisions of the CPC on the prosecutorial investigation, which have been in application since 1 October, for two months, Dolovac said that it would be inappropriate to offer an evaluation now.

However, she did emphasise that it was evident that the state had firmly resolved to successfully implement the CPC.

Dolovac underlined that the prosecutor’s office was cooperating well on this job with all of the competent authorities and institutions responsible for implementing the CPC successfully.

Only if joint effort of the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police is invested in the implementation of the prosecutorial investigation, will we be able to declare it a success one day, Dolovac stated.

Source: RPPO, Date: 11.12.2013.

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