Press statement of the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office (now: Supreme Public Prosecution)
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The Republic Public Prosecutor's Office today on May 5th 2023, sent a very urgent letter to all public prosecutor's offices of the Republic of Serbia requesting without delay the taking of all measures within the competence of public prosecutor's offices in order to establish a system of increased on-call duty, work and supervision in all basic, higher, appellate and public prosecutor's offices of special jurisdiction of the Republic of Serbia, in the cases of criminal offenses against life and body, public order and peace, as well as other criminal offenses with elements of violence.

The Republic Public Prosecutor's Office considers that it is necessary to take the above-mentioned measures for the sake of urgent and coordinated action with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other competent state bodies as well as the courts, in order to effectively and adequately apply all measures prescribed by law in order to stabilize the current security situation in the Republic of Serbia.

The Republic Public Prosecutor's Office requested that in all procedures to suppress security threats to society or individuals, it is necessary to act with particular urgency and determination, with the application of all legally prescribed measures.

The Cabinet of the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office

Source: SPP, Date: 05.05.2023.

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