Prosecutor General signed the Additional Protocol on cooperation with the Prosecution Office of Hungary
2762023 MM1

The Prosecutor General Zagorka Dolovac, is in a working visit to Hungary, at the invitation of the Prosecutor General of Hungary, Dr. Peter Polt. 

During the meeting held today, the prosecutors general of the two countries signed the Additional protocol to the Memorandum of Cooperation, which improves the cooperation of the supreme prosecutor’s offices of the two countries in the fight against cross-border crime, especially illegal border crossing and human trafficking and related crimes. 

Zagorka Dolovac and Dr. Peter Polt noted that cooperation between the Supreme Public Prosecution of the Republic of Serbia and the Prosecution Service of Hungary is at an excellent level and that the signed Additional Protocol, which establishes channels of direct bilateral prosecutorial communication and cooperation and improved coordination, will strengthen it even more and contribute to greater security of the population of border areas, as well as a more effective fight against transnational crime in the region and Europe. 
During this visit, a meeting will be held with representatives of the Hungarian District Prosecution Office of Szeged, as well as the Command Center at the Hungary-Serbia border. 

Date: 27.06.2023.

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