Supreme Public Prosecutor at the Conference of General Prosecutors of the EU
2705 M2

The Prosecutor General, Zagorka Dolovac, and the President of the High Prosecutorial Council, Branko Stamenković, are participating in the annual conference of the Network of General Prosecutors acting before the Supreme courts of the European Union member states, which is being held from 27-28. May 2024 in Luxembourg, at the invitation of the Prosecutor General of Luxembourg, Martina Soloviev.

At this year's conference, which brought together over 30 European Prosecutors General and representatives of European international organizations, the main topic of discussion was the consideration of contemporary trends in crime and ways of jointly opposing them, especially bearing in mind the abuse of electronic communications, European Union funds, and the role of the European Public Prosecutor's Office in that regard in the cooperation of European countries, as well as further strategic steps that the General public prosecutor's offices of the common European space should take.

As part of this working visit, the Supreme Public Prosecutor and the President of the High Council of Prosecutors held a bilateral meeting with the Vice President of Evroxast, Mr. Boštjan Škrlec, during which, among other things, Evroxast highlighted the extremely good cooperation that the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office of Serbia achieves with that important institution. of the European Union.

Date: 27.05.2024.

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