The meeting of Prosecutor General with the EU prosecutor in charge of the regional project on combating migrant smuggling and human trafficking

The Prosecutor General, Zagorka Dolovac, met with Alenka Ranzinger, the EU prosecutor who will implement the activities of the project "EU support in the fight against migrant smuggling and human trafficking in the Western Balkans" in the Supreme Public Prosecution Office on behalf of the Dutch "Center for International Legal Cooperation” (CILC), together with representatives of the German "Agency for International Cooperation” (GIZ), the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the French Police.

At the meeting, a new regional project and support planned for the Public Prosecution Office of Serbia in the field of combating human smuggling and human trafficking, including assistance in cross-border cooperation and strengthening of professional capacities, was presented.

Zagorka Dolovac welcomed the EU prosecutor to the Supreme Public Prosecution Office, making available to her an office where she will work together with her colleagues, and expressed the full readiness of the Serbian Public Prosecution for cooperation within this project, especially emphasizing the importance of strengthening close international cooperation in the region and the need for focusing on criminal groups of smugglers, through financial investigations and confiscation of assets proceeding from the crime.

Source: SPP, Date: 20.11.2023.

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