Round Table: Co-operation between the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office

The Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Criminal Police Directorate at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, together with the OSCE Mission to Serbia and the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, are organising on 11 July 2014 in Koceljevo a round table on the topic of co-operation between the police and the public prosecutor’s office with regard to the implementation of the new Criminal Procedure Code. The round table shall be attended by the representatives of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Valjevo, Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mionica and the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ub, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Interior. Round table topics include sharing the experiences in the implementation of the Criminal Procedure Code, communication, collection of evidence, planning goals and strategies and case studies.

Start: 11.07.2014.

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